Cats have been a part of many families for decades be it poor, middle class or the super rich. There are many reasons for having a cat. For some, it is because they are inevitably animal lovers, others just they feel relaxed through a cat. For most people, it’s because a cat makes them happy.

Even with the growth of technology, people will never find an alternative to the joys given by their pet cats. There are countless benefits having a cat in your home.There are some negatives too. I have seen people searching online on how to stop cats from spraying inside the house. You know why they do it.

More than the activities cats could share with you; pet cats are great source of comfort.

A study showed that pets like cats can be very helpful for the aged people. Most of them are in the dark age of their lives with the fears and insecurities. At an old age, other people younger than you seem not to pay that much attention. Having a cat would enable you to feel how it is to pamper somebody. The activities they could share like playing, walking around or jogging would be very healthful for you and your cat.

Pets, especially these cute cats keep us feel far from being lonely and bored. You can talk to them and express your deepest emotions in a way that you could not do with humans. Cats are also very playful, they learn tricks and entertain you.

They can unravel the child in you and ease stress so that you feel relaxed without having worries.

Every pet can give you different positive feelings. Birds and fish are there to look at. It can give you a feeling of peace without much effort on your part.

Watching your fish in an aquarium can give you the peace of mind and the relaxation against a stressful time. These pets could also help you build the focus for something or to come up with great ideas while watching them.

Animal are a great source of humor and we all know that humor is the best medicine. Having a cat or a dog at home gives you free entertainment, just looking at them can be more fun than watching a good movie. Have you ever seen a cat chasing its own tail?

Have you ever seen two cats in a fun-fight?

New studies have shown that pets can stretch the length of human lives. This is due to the peaceful and and well-balanced feeling they create in us. They give people relief and refuge. Having a pet gives you a happier life, try it and you’ll see.